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Mulligatawny Soup $7.95
South Indian Lentil soup cooked with curry leaves, coconut milk and spices 

Samosa (2pc) $5.99
Served with chutney (2pc)

Vegetable Pakora $7.99
Assortment of spinach, onion, cauliflour and potatoes. Fritters in spicy gram flour batter 

Onion Bhajia $7.99
Onion in the spicy chickpea batter deep fried 

Aloo Tikka $6.99
Deep fried mashed potato mixed with spices 

Pepper Shrimps  $18.99
Tiger prawns seared with spring onions, garlic cloves and crushed black peppers

Shrimp Butterfly $14.99
Large King shrimp (4pcs) seasoned with ginger carom seeds chick peas flour & deep fried

Kachunber Salad $11.99
Simply chopped cucumber, tomatoes, onions & dressing with salt, papper, fresh lemon, coriander & chat masala

Salad $10.99
Mixed greens with cheddar cheese, & almonds
Add Chicken tikka (3pc) $4

Mango Salad $11.99
Fresh mango, cabbage, carrot with cilantro mint honey and nuts

Chefs Mixed Platter $11.95
Vegetable pakoras, samosa, onion bhajia, and aloo tikka,  served with tamrind sauce

Chicken Pakora $11.95
Juicy Chicken Fillet batter in gram flour and fried

Amritsari Pakora $11.99
Filet of fish marinated in spices, battered and frie3


Tandoori Shrimp $19.99
Shrimp seasoned with carom seeds (ajwain), special house blend of spices and broiled in clay oven. Served with lemon & mint chutney

Salmon Tikka $19.99
Fish cubes in tangy marinade, roasted spices broiled in tandoor, served with lemon & mint chutney

Tandoori Chicken (Half) $15.99
A classic creation of tandoori cuisine, half chicken marinated overnight in pressed yogurt and spices served with mint chutney
chicken (Full) $29.99 

Chicken Mirch Tikka $16.99
Boneless Pieces of chicken marinated overnight in special blend of hot chili, mint, coriander, and yogurt garlic paste cooked in tandoor

Chicken Tikka $15.99
Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in special spices, yogurt and cooked in the tandoor, served with mint chutney

Chicken Seekh Kebab $14.99
Minced chicken with herbs and spices, in tandoor. Served with mint lemon & mint chutney

Lamb Seekh Kebab $14.99
Minced lamb with herbs and spices, in tandoor. Served with mint lemon & mint chutney

Chicken Malai Kebab $15.99
Boneless chicken breast marinated in cashew sauce roasted in the tandoor served with lemon & mint chutney

Mixed Grilled Platter $31.99
Combination of chicken tikka, chicken Malai kebab, Chicken Mirch Tikka, Salmon Tikka, lamb kebab and T/D shrimp served with naan 

Cocktail Seekh kebab $16.99
Tandori juicy lamb kebab sauated with bell pepper and spice 

Lamb De Chops $19.99
Onatrio lamb marinated with tandori spices served with fresh mint chutney lemon 

Paneer Tikka $14.99
Home made fresh Indian cured cheese grilled in tandori oven with spices & veggie served with mint chutney


Mix Seafood Vindaloo $19.99
*Vindaloo’s signature dish! Hot and Spicy full of flavors shrimp, scallops and fish cooked in our special Vindaloo sauce, blend of roasted spices and hot red chillies

Malai Prawns $19.99
Large prawn cooked in coconut milk cashu sause & light spices

Seared Scallops $19.99
Pan seared scallops with mushrooms, onions, fresh garlic in a fresh tomato sauce

Fish/Prawn Masala $19.99
Cooked with bell peppers, onions, spices, and garlic in a special masala sauce

Fish/Shrimp Curry $19.99
Cooked in a curry sauce and spices flavored with mustard seeds and curry leaves in a coconut cream


Chicken Vindaloo $15.99
Cooked in our special Vindaloo sauce with a blend of roasted spices, hot red chillies and potatoes

Butter Chicken $15.99
Tender pieces of boneless white meat marianted in our special blends of spices, grilled in the tandoor then cooked with sweet creamy sauce made of cashew nuts and almonds

Chicken Korma $15.99
Chicken cooked in delicate spices, nuts, and dry fruit in a rich sweet creamy sauce

Chicken Tikka Masala $15.99
Cubes of chicken tikka cooked in tandoor and made with bell peppers, onions and tomatoes in a spicy thick gravy

Chicken Madras $15.99
South Indian curry with flavors of coconut, curry leaf, hot red chillies & spices

Chicken Curry $14.99
Chicken Curry cooked with tomato & onion gravy with a subtle flavor of fenugreek and spices.

Chicken Saag $15.99
Chicken cooked with fresh spinach and herbs

Chicken Jalfregi $15.99
Strips of Chicken sauteed with fresh vegetables and spices

Methi Chicken $15.99
Chicken breast cook in Indian herbs topping with fresh fenugreele leafs

Chicken Kadai $16.99
Chicken cook with flavourful blend of spices, diced fenugreek leaves, green pepper & cardamom

Lamb/Beef Specialty

Lamb/Beef Vindaloo $16.59
Tender lamb cubes cooked in a special Vindaloo sauce, with blend of aromatic spices and potatoes

Lamb/Beef Korma $16.59
Lamb cooked in delicate spices, almonds and cashew nuts, dry fruit and rich sweet creamy sauce

Lamb/Beef Roganjosh $16.59
Lamb Pieces cooked with onions and tomatoes in a special yogurt sauce made with fenugreek seeds and spices

Lamb/Beef Masala $16.59
Lamb cooked with bell peppers onions, garlic, tomatoes, and spices in thick masala gravy

Lamb/Beef Kadi Gosht $17.99
Cooked with flavourfull blend of spices diced fenugreek leaves, green pepper and cardamom

Lamb/Beef Bhuna $16.59
Lamb pieces cooked with red peppers, cilantro, onions,and tomatoes in an aromatic masala

Lamb/Beef Madras $16.99
South Indian curry with flavors of coconut, curry leaf, hot red chillies, and spices

Lamb/Beef Mushroom $16.99
Lamb cooked with sauteed mushrooms in garlic, ginger, and a spicy sauce with a touch of fresh lemon juice

Lamb/Beef Saag $16.59
Lamb cooked with spinach puree, ginger, garlic and tomatoes

Lamb/Beef Curry $16.59
Lamb cooked with authentic Home-style curry with blend of spices

Goat Vindaloo $16.99
Goat cooked with potatoes in tangy and hot Vindaloo sauce

Goat Curry $16.59
Goat meat (bone on) cooked with red chillies, ginger in a tomatoes onion curry roasted spices


Saag Paneer $14.99
Fresh Spinach puree and paneer cooked in fresh tomatoes, garlic, and ginger with a touch of cream

Paneer Masala $14.99
Paneer cooked with bell pepper, tomatoes, in a spicy onion gravy with a touch of cream

Paneer Kadai $14.99
Paneer cooked with flavourful blend of spices, dice fenugreek leaves, green pepper and cardamom

Mushroom Paneer $14.99
Fresh mushrooms and panner cooked with onions, garlic, fresh herbs and spices

Matar Paneer $14.99
Green peas and paneer cubes cooked in tomato, onion, and cream sauce

Paneer Makhani $13.99
Paneer cubes in rich cream sauce, and nuts fragrant spices

Navrattan Korma $13.99
Mixed vegetables and paneer cooked with cashew nuts and dried fruit in a sweet cream sauce topped with raisins

Dal Makhni $13.99
Slow cooked black lentils in a rich cream sauce made with ginger, garlic, tomatoes and roasted spices

Baigan Bhartha $13.99
Eggplant roasted in tandoor, cooked with green peas onions, fresh tomatoes, garlic and seasoned with spices

Malai Kofta $13.99
Vegetables and cottage cheese balls simmered in cashew sauce

Mis Mas Tarkari $14.95
Fresh mixed vegetables stir-fried with Indian spices

Dum Aloo Kashmiri $13.95
Potatoes cooked in rich saffron flavored cutty sauce


Dal Tarka $13.99
Full-flavored black lentil saute with onions, fresh coriander, herbs and in a tomato sauce

Channa Masala $13.99
Chickpeas cooked in onion gravy made with tomato sauce and authentic roasted spices

Aloo Gobi $13.99
Potatoes and cauliflower floret green peas cooked in a thick masala made with fresh tomatoes, garlic, ginger, cilantro seasoned with spices

Okra Do Peaza $13.95
Freshly cut okra lightly sauteed with onion and herbs

Dhal Fry $13.99
Yellow peas lentils cooked on Indian desi flavors


Saffron Rice  $5.99
Basmati rice flavoured with saffron 

Jeera Pillau $6.99
Basmati rice cooked with cumin seeds 

Matter Pillau $7.50
Basmati rice cooked with green peas and flavored with a touch of spice 

Vegetable Biryani $14.99
Rice cooked with mixed vegetable, mint and dried fruit 

Chicken Biryani  $15.99
Rice cooked with chicken, fresh herbs, dried fruit and spices 

Shrimp Biryani $19.99
Rice cooked with shrimp, coconut, dried fruit and spices 

Lamb Biryani $17.99
Rice cooked with lamb and dried fruit, mint and spices 

Goat Biryani $17.99
Rice cooked with goat and dried fruit, mint and spices


Tandoori Plain Naan $2.99
Made with white flour baked in the Tandoor and brushed with butter 

Garlic Naan $3.99
Coated with fresh garlic and cilantro then baked in the tandoor 

Tandoori Roti $2.99
Made with whole-wheat flour and baked in Tandoor brushed with butter 

Lacha Parantha $3.99
Made with whole wheat flour baked in Tandoor. Flaky layered butter roti 

Rosemerry Naan $3.00
Coated with fresh rosemerry then baked in Tandoor 

Kasmiri Naan $5.99
Special Naan stuff with cherry, cashunuts and raisin


Cucumber Raita $4.99
Yogurt flavored with cucumber, mint, cilantro and a touch of cumin 

Mango Chutney $3.99

Mixed Pickles $3.99

Papadam $1.99


Soft drinks $2.50

Perrier $2.99

Mango/Salted Lassi $4.99

Masala Chai $3.00


Kulfi – Mango | Pistachio $5.99
Homemade ice cream made with reduced milk and flavored with saffron 

Rassmalai $5.99
Made with home made cheese, flavored with cardamon and saffron cream sauce 

Gulab Jamun $5.99
Deep fried cheese ball, flavored with cardamon and saffron sweet syrup 

Kheer $5.99
Indian style rice puddin with saffron flavored